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20-lb x 2 Capacity OPL Stack Dryer

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20-lb x 2 Capacity OPL Stack Dryer

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  • 20-lb. x 2 capacity
  • 8.4 cu. ft. volume per pocket
  • 60,000 Btu/hr heat input and 400 cfm per pocket
  • 100% Axial airflow
  • Steel door with gasketless glass
  • I6” Diameter vent connection per pocket
  • 1/2” gas connection per pocket
  • Independent electrical connections for each tumbler
  • Only 38-7/8” deep (for gas and electric)
  • Front serviceable
  • Fits through standard 36” door
  • Available in gas, steam and electric heat


The AD-320 is a dual pocket 20-lb capacity dryer that includes axial airflow, independent electrical connections for each tumbler, and separate exhaust connections. It offers 98% component accessibility from the front of the tumbler which allows the dryer to be placed against the wall without concern for regular rear maintenance. The AD-320 has a large lightweight lint drawer that is accessible and easy to clean and a fine, stainless steel lint screen that is standard.


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