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Operation: Commercial Coin Laundry Machines

The AD-115 bridges the gap between 75- and 120-lb dryers. This high performance unit incorporates all the state-of-the-art design features from ADC, featuring a heat input of 343,000 Btu/hr and airflow of 2,100 cfm. The AD-115 is the only 115-lb capacity dryer that can fit through a standard 48” door and is available in gas, electric and steam heat.

Commercial Coin Laundry Machines

Does your laundromat operate on coins? We can maintain your style preference while elevating your operations with our collection of commercial coin laundry machines. For your convenience, we have washers, dryers, double stack, and double-stack combos that take both credit card and cash. Using this equipment is extremely easy. Simply insert the correct coin amount, select your cycle, add detergent, and start the machine. We make our coin-only machines very simple to use. Select from top-rated brands, loading types, and segments to find your ideal commercial coin laundry machines. If you want to start a laundromat business in Texas, this is a great option to consider. Don’t wait—shop our collection now.

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