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Commercial Laundry Service in Texas

Your one-stop shop for all your laundry needs.

When your business depends on clean laundry, you can depend on Best Wash Inc.’s award winning service department. Our commercial laundry service in Houston, TX, will fix or improve any maintenance to your equipment or machines. Our goal is to supply quality customer service from before your purchase to the very end of our interaction. We understand that equipment downtime is not just an inconvenience—it can cost your business revenue. Our commercial laundry service in Houston will help prevent any other damage or inconvenience from occurring. That is why every participating Red Carpet Service provider delivers on Maytag’s commitment to superior service in the following ways:

With Maytag Commercial Red-Carpet Service, you can expect the absolute best in attentive service, rapid response times and technical expertise to keep your Maytag® equipment running right. Because it’s not just your laundry on the line—your business is, too.

Please see product page for individual model warranties for our commercial laundry services inTexas.