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50-lb Capacity Coin Dryer

  • Coin Laundry

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50-lb Capacity Coin Dryer

  • Single


Model Number
ES-50 Coin


  • 50-lb. Capacity
  • Single Phase Reversing
  • Self-Diagnostic Microprocessor Control
  • 100% Axial Airflow
  • Completely Sealed Basket
  • Non-Perforated Ribs and Basket
  • Dual-Paned Door Glass
  • Four-Point Roller Support System
  • High Capacity Lint Drawer


he EcoDry ES-50 is our most energy efficient 50-lb dryer. The unique design features 100% axial airflow, dual-paned door glass and sealed tumblers that contains the heat and pushes it through the load for maximum efficiency. Single Phase Reversing comes as a standard feature. Residual Moisture Control (Coin RMC), an optional feature, measures moisture in a load and reduces the heat input while it continues to run the tumbler. The ES-50 is available in gas, electric, and steam heat.


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