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Firefighter’s Turnout Gear Drying Cabinet

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Firefighter’s Turnout Gear Drying Cabinet

  • Specialty Equipment


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  • Red or White Cabinet
  • Dries 6 Sets of Turn-Out Gear
  • 6 Removable Coat and Pants Hangers
  • Self-Diagnostic Microprocessor Control
  • Two Independent Heating and Fan Systems
  • Directed Airflow
  • Solid Construction
  • Drainage Basin


The ADC EcoDry Firefighter’s 6-Gear Drying Cabinet offers fast and efficient drying. Unlike a traditional tumble dryer that may not be able to effectively dry these heavier, bulkier garments, it allows for gear to be hung inside so warm air can circulate through coats, pants, gloves and boots. This ensures that all items are dried, avoiding any water getting trapped in seams or pockets, guaranteeing the firefighters comfort and prolongs the life of their equipment.


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