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Operation: Multi-Housing Laundry Equipment

Micro Processor, Card Reader Ready, Solid Reversible Door

Multi-Housing Laundry Equipment

If you own or are building a multi-house space, like a hotel, apartment complex, university, then our multi-house laundry equipment is the perfect match for you. If your housing unit does not have its own washer or dryer, we offer what may just be the best option for your place in Texas. It is a shared space for everyone who lives in the complex or community to use and do their laundry without having to travel too far. We supply you with washers, dryers, double-stacked equipment, double combos, and so much more that take both credit card and cash. From top-quality brands, you can get your shared laundry room filled with machines for all your tenants to use. Shop our collection of multi-housing laundry equipment now.

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