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Operation: On-Premise Laundry Equipment

The AD-115 bridges the gap between 75- and 120-lb dryers. This high performance unit incorporates all the state-of-the-art design features from ADC, featuring a heat input of 343,000 Btu/hr and airflow of 2,100 cfm. The AD-115 is the only 115-lb capacity dryer that can fit through a standard 48” door and is available in gas, electric and steam heat.

On-Premise Laundry Equipment

Hate waiting until other companies open to clean your linens or clothes? We can help change that with our on-premise laundry equipment. On-premise laundry allows you to wash your customers’ dirty laundry at their request. You don’t need to wait for a specific day or time to clean linens or clothes; with these machines, you can do laundry as needed. With this equipment at your disposal, your company will save time and money. Shop from our top-rated brands, segments, and loading types to find the best on-premise laundry equipment for your business now. Don’t wait for other companies’ schedules when you can get your laundry done on your own time.

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